Gretchen Mueller Steele - An award winning outdoor photographer

Gretchen specializes in fine art, nature and outdoor images, wildlife, documentary, and outdoor recreation photography styles. Gretchen is available to cover your expeditions, adventures, and events!

Additionally, Gretchen provides portrait and trophy image services for the individual outdoor enthusiast .

Gretchen is also an experienced digital art creator who combines her love of the outdoors with a dash of fun and fantasy to provide fans with a unique artistic style and experience. 

She offers a variety of images for use in outdoor-related publications, and Gretchen, along with her team of accomplished photojournalists, is available for assignments throughout the nation.

Contact Gretchen Steele to discuss how her team of talented photographers, artists, and writers can assist you.

If you are a nonprofit or outdoor-related organization looking for a unique fundraising event, don't hesitate to get in touch with us about our photo fundraising services.

Gretchen Mueller Steele - Capturing the great outdoors, one frame at a time!